Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Not-a-much Going On Around Here

Summer is really here...but I don't care.  We have central air this year and I'm loving it.  I would usually be grumbling and complaining about the heat since the old swamp cooler makes things so humid that you really feel it.  Another plus is the vent is on my side of the room now, positioned right by my side of the bed.  Woo-hoo!!  It really makes me a happy camper!!

We've been seeing more of the grandkids lately.  Here are a few pics to share.

 This one is Eden jumping in the air.  The wind was really blowing and she was enjoying it.
 Jack is a crazy boy!!  He loves anything to do with trucks, teasing his sister, running wild and anything rough and tough about being a boy.
 This is our youngest grandchild.  Bane is so serious in this picture.  Papa got him laughing just after I snapped it.
Jayda has a shiner and a red eye!  How'd such a girlie girl get it??  She was jumping from couch to couch and hit the computer stand.  Her mom showed me a picture of it right after it happened.  Wow, it was a huge lump on the side of her head.
 Here are the ducks that have been hanging out around our house.  They love to get their snack of bread and then swim in the sprinklers.  We haven't seen the girl duck this week.  It has us worried.  Hopefully she's sitting on a nest of eggs or something.  It's kinda sad to see the boy by himself.

See...told ya nothing too exciting going on.  I think I prefer these calm days to problems and too much to worry about.  

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jamie said...

I love that picture of Eden, so cute!! Of course all those kids are cuties :)