Friday, July 5, 2013

Row Along Quilt Finish -- Woo-hoo!!!!

 I'm so excited with this quilt!  Really excited.  I even took it to work today to show it off....which is unusual for me to do.  I started it back in August 2012.  I love the great instructions that Lori Holt gives.  You can find them here.
 It's really cool how she did a row for every season with the cocoa cups and mittens, butterflies and tulips, leaves, etc.  Gary helped me pick out the fabrics for the borders.  I love how the green makes all the colors pop.
 This picture shows the quilting detail better.  It's the new design I've been hooked on lately.  I can't do a very big design with my machine, but this one works really well.
 More detail.  I did the binding the scrappy way with all the fabrics from the quilt.  
So life is going good.  I feel like we have settled into our "new life."  We like our house, even though it's a lot smaller than our old one.  Nice thing is I spend much less time doing housework!  We are happy with our jobs.  Gary just got a new position as a program lead and a pay increase.  Yippee!!  It's nice to be working somewhere that I can punch in, do my job, then punch out and be done with work.  I hate that annoying alarm clock at 5 a.m., but I like being home by 3 in the afternoon.  When I worked from home I felt like I was tethered to my computer, always checking to see how much work there was.  And then there were the days {the days that happened all the time} where you would run out of work and have to keep checking back all day to get your 8 hours in.  Don't miss that game at all.

Gary and I were relaxing on the couch the other night and I turned to him and said "I'm happy."  It felt so good to say that.  Of course the pessimistic part of me gets nervous when things are going good....waiting for the other shoe to drop.  

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Nann said...

It is so beautiful. I love the stitching too. Can't wait to see it hung at your house!