Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One Of Those Days.....

  Last Thursday I had the day off work....Yay!  I had plans to get things done.  I finally machine quilted my father-in-laws birthday quilt {from October 2nd}.  It has been too cold to really go out and machine quilt in the garage.  I've done some, but still waiting for warmer weather.  It felt so good to get it done.  Well the day was going well until I took the quilt to the kitchen table to even up the edges and sew on the binding.  Our new little puppy decided it looked like a good place to pee.  It was just a little, but enough that it needed to be sponged out.  I took the quilt to the kitchen sink to rinse it.  That's when I discovered that the "permanent markers" that we used to sign the quilt were not so permanent {insert a tiny bit of cussing here!}  The pink marker bled until the block was pink.
 I've tried everything I can thing of to get the pink out of the block.  I've stewed about it, thought about it and just didn't know what to do.  Finally yesterday I decided to unpick the quilting and take out the block.  Then I held it up to the window and traced a new one.  Hopefully it looks enough like the original to pass!!  I think I spent 2 hours unpicking quilting so I could have enough room to sew the new block in.  Then I put the quilt back on the frames and quilted it.....AGAIN.  
 Ta da!!  Looks great!
 There are some fun signature from the grandkids.
 The sweet one from my mother-in-law to her husband!

 And then the final product.  I finished binding it yesterday afternoon and took it up to my father-in-law before I did anything else to ruin the quilt!!  
So why was it "one of those days??"  Well, right after I ruined the quilt block I decided to vacuum my sewing room.  I ALWAYS lift my foot pedal up off the floor when I vacuum because I ruined one pedal already a few years ago by getting the thin cord to the red cutting button caught in the vacuum.  Well for some reason I didn't lift it up and ended up catching the cords in the vacuum.  Like really bad -- wrapped around and around in the vacuum.
 I looked online and found a new one for $150.  No way.  I called the Cotton Shop and they could order me a new foot pedal for $75.  I have to sew and I love the convenience of the red cutting button.  So I ran down and paid for my nonreturnable "special order" which will be here in a few weeks.    

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Nann said...

JR's quilt looks great. I know I love my quilt. Sorry about the foot pedal. Darm little puppy!