Friday, February 7, 2014 new drinks and a new quilt block!!

 I may have a problem.  I've discovered a new little drink place in town.  Sodalicious.  It's seriously so good.  I love the Mango Diet Mountain Dew.  Today I decided to get adventurous.  After all, they have a bazillion different combinations to choose from.  So I tried a Dirty Diet Pepsi.  Oh my goodness.....I'm hooked.  It's any drink (Pepsi, Coke, Sprite) with coconut and lime added.  Nothing could prepare me for how good it tastes.  And they have pebble ice!!  It was kinda hard to find -- located in the back of a little barber shop.  I don't know whether to thank or curse my friend for introducing me to it!!
 I have 2 quilt tops pieced and ready to quilt.  I finished the skull quilt.  Love how the reds and blacks look together.  And then there's the baby quilt made out of the economy block.  I found my inspiration here and here!!  Thank you Crazy Mom Quilts for the instructions.
The economy blocks worked up so cute that I dug through my stash to do another one.  Yup, it's an addicting block to sew.  Fun to see out the colors work together when the blocks are sewn in rows.  I found these dark fabrics that I've had for 3-4 years.  
 So I cut out the pieces and matched up sets.

 Lots of sewing and trimming.
 And now I have the stack of blocks to lay out so I can sew the top together.  I'm hoping it turns out to be queen size with the borders.  I feels so good to get some of my fabrics used up.

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Me said...

Nice pattern mixes! I like it. And yes after having a dirty dr pepper at swig I know ask sonic to add coconut to my drink.