Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Finish

 And it's done!!  This is my skull quilt.  Not giving this one away!  Can't wait to watch TV while cuddling under it.
 I quilted it with the feather swirls.  Love doing this stitch.  It's not what I intended to do when I loaded it on the frames.  But then I put on my Ipod and started quilting and it just came out naturally.  
 I does look cool on the some swirly flower tattoo.  Each skull took 19 pieces of fabric.  There are 32 skulls total on the quilt.
 I know I mentioned before that I didn't have a pattern, just saw a picture on another blog years ago.  I'm thinking of making another one some day.  Maybe with purple and black..    

1 comment:

Lavada said...

You know, the first time I saw this quilt I thought it was a row of funny adobe houses. My eyes were drawn to the skulls that were upside down. Guess it is all in how you look at it.