Thursday, February 27, 2014

Valentines....a little late

 I got daisies {my favorite flower} and a yellow rose from my hubby for Valentines.  I worked the day shift and he worked the night shift that day, so we didn't really celebrate big.  It was the 34th anniversary of our engagement.  Maybe next year for our 35th we'll do something big to celebrate.
 My oldest boy sent me these tulips with a note that said "To my first Valentine."  There were little purple iris that bloomed a few days later.  I've really enjoyed these early signs of spring!
 And speaking of must be just around the corner.  Our house faces North and so we have snow on our front yard late into February.  It finally melted and took our little snowman with it.  All that is left are his branch arms.  Yay!!  I'm starting to get spring fever!

 These pictures were taken by my granddaughter, Katelynn.  Gary tends her on his day off, I have her on my day off, and sometimes Jaycee has her another day in the week.  Entertainment for her is sometimes hard to think of.  I was tired on my day to watch her and gave her my camera, which kept her busy for a good 45 minutes.  She took about 40 pictures around the house.  {I have to admit she took some really unflattering ones of me lounging on the couch, which I promptly deleted!!} 
 She captured our new puppy, Elsa, holding still for a few seconds.  This puppy is always on the move!
I love this selfie!

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