Tuesday, April 29, 2014


 I was driving home from work the other day, listening to the radio, deep in thought.....or exhaustion.  There was an annoying song on the radio.  It was really bothering me listening to it.  I listened to almost the whole song before it dawned on me that I had it in my power to change the song.  All I had to do was reach up and push a little button and listen to another station.  I got thinking about life.  How often to we go along, putting up with a situation in life when we have it in our power to change things.  Why not make a change when it can make your life fuller, happier, and more enjoyable.  Or just not so annoying!  
 I captured this picture yesterday.  I love how the opening looks so inviting, so much hope promised in the blue sky peeking out of the gray.  
Speaking of changes, we are making one ourselves right now.  The house we've been living in is really small with only 1 bathroom.  We have been so happy here, but really need more room.  We've been looking for something else, but really haven't had much luck.  Well a couple of weeks ago things just fell into place and in a matter of 2 weeks we are packed up and ready to move tomorrow.  We are headed south to Spanish Fork.  It will be a little longer driving to work, maybe 6-7 minutes.  But we'll have more room and..........drum roll please......3 bathrooms with a 4th toilet in the basement.  No more dancing outside the bathroom door waiting your turn.  

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Lavada said...

Carrie, I saw this blog. Her profile reminds me of you.