Thursday, October 23, 2014

Feeling Crafty -- Costume Time Again!

 I was in the mood to sew this week.  I needed a quick gift for my boss, so I decided to make a fun Voodoo Doll.  I found this pattern for a "Silly Girl" Doll online.  
 I gathered some materials and got to work.  Sewing, stuffing, and adding stitches here and there.
I think she turned out good.  Kinda hard to let her go...ha ha!  I sure hope my boss doesn't use it to get even with me.  By the way, did you know there are actual websites that offer Voodoo dolls with spells??  Crazy!
 My daughter's sister-in-law sent me a pin from Pinterest for the tail of Toothless from "How To Train Your Dragon."  She needs it for her 4-year-old.  So I set to work drawing out the pieces.
 I put interfacing on the black material and then traced the pattern.  I sewed on the drawn lines and then cut out 1/4-inch from the sewing.  Turning them was a trick to get the points all out.  Then I top-stitched each piece. 

 He has one red fin with a skull on it.  Luckily I found the skull online and traced it on white and ironed it on with Wonder-Under.  Here's the completed end of the tail.
 For the spikes down the back of the tail I made picots in different sizes, sewed them together in a line and then put them down the center of the tail.
 I think it turned out good -- I surprised myself that I could do it all from a picture!!  I made a belt to go around the waist with Velcro so it's adjustable.
 Now I'm making a baby-sized tail for my grandson, Sterling.  The smaller size is a bit more tedious, but I can't wait to see it on him.
And here are my 2 youngest grandkids.  Love their matching shirts! I don't know why they both look so serious??  They were smiling right before I got the camera out.

The End.

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