Saturday, July 11, 2015

Lucky Winner

 Our local grocery store had a giveaway display with a smoker, camping chairs and a cooler.  We all entered it when we were shopping.  After that every time we went by the display in the store Gary would say he was going to win it.  He even went so far as to tell a store employee to be sure and call him when he won.  Well, I got a text from Gary saying "Guess who's the winner of the awesome smoker??"  I thought he was teasing me.  Sure enough, he won this beauty.  
 He's made us the best chicken breasts on it a couple of times.  So tender and smoky.  
 Here's a quilt I made with some leftover scraps from a couple of baby quilts.  Turned out cute.  Thanks, Tracy, for the fabric.  I had fun making them.

 This is a quilt I just finished quilting for my friend.  I love the purple flower applique she did on it.  
 Another fun way to do a baby quilt.  It would be a good use of scraps too.
 An finally.  Just a pic of my bargain shopping.  Got all this for $5.  (I'm trying to get into coupon shopping again.)


Sandy Buffington said...

Winner, winner chicken dinner! So fun! Miss you!

jamie said...

Awesome! All that for $5 :)

Mommie-Marzie said...

I can't believe you won a smoker! YAY!!! We cook on ours all the time. Bacon wrapped chicken is a favorite. You'll have to swap recipes with Joe.

Lavada said...

Almost as wonderful as the flat screen TV we won. Hope you enjoy your good fortune as much we enjoy ours!

I made a quilt similar to yours only all blue. I'll post a picture as soon as I give it away.