Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Nautical Quilt

 I made this Chevron quilt from nautical fabrics last month.  I almost forgot how fun it is to quilt!  I think it's the winter weather that makes me so unmotivated to sew.  
 I put red Minky on the back again.  So soft and fun for a baby.  It went to my daughter's sister-in-law who just had a boy.  
I've been working a lot on this embroidered blanket.  Starting to do the outline work.  Love how it makes the animals come alive.  

 I started out so neat and tidy with my thread.  Good thing I'm almost done.
 I forgot to post pictures of the carvings Dad gave us this year.  I think this snowman is my all time favorite.  He made the snowmen for all the couples, older grandkids, and neighbors.  Then he made elves for Mom and all 8 kids.  I'm so excited to add them to my collection!
Iv'e had some crazy snowy morning commutes this winter.  Yesterday was one of them.  When I left home at 5:30 a.m. the roads were snow packed and no plows were out.  I was plugging along in the right hand lane, going slow.  Cars were passing me and I thought to myself "Well, if they can go that fast I should be okay to speed up."  Just then a car in the left hand lane spun around.  Cars had to go around it until he could get himself turned the right way again.  Passed 3 accidents and watched one more car spin out.  It took me an hour to get to work.  My coworker asked why I didn't call and let them know I would be late.  Really??  I was not taking my hands off the steering wheel for that!

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